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June 28, 2011
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The Reality of Things by Nyanfood The Reality of Things by Nyanfood
Essi (c)

This is for :iconzeiva:'s X-note contest. Wish me luck!
-totally effed up the lighting-
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Silverwolf51 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I love this. She looks curious and lonely, like she has been waiting for someone or something to find her...
lestever Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Lovely color use mate! I really like her facial expressions too! A little suggestion from me? Instead of having two red lights at the bottom, If you move one of them near her left arm, would be great, in my opinion. Because, red is the hottest/attractive color in this piece, and the point of the interest would be clearly defined. Either way I really do like it! :+favlove: :thumbsup:
ChibiChise Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I saw this, loved it, and noticed I never commented.... T_____________________________T;;

THIS IS AWESOME RIYO!!! I wish I could use such dark colour in a picture, so much!!! lol XD
I like all the glowy lights n stuff > u < very very nice! nd good luck in the contest! <33333333

Nyanfood Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011   Digital Artist
I wish that I could use light colors like you! D: I'm sooooo bad with bright things, I can only use pastel!

I also won in the contest, so... :glomp: Thank you for all your support. I love you, sissy~!
ChibiChise Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
LIGHT COLOURS~ they are hard D8 -flails- I use light colours? XD

I saw that.. like right after I posted... >> -is fail-
I'M SO HAPPEH YOU WON SWEET CAKES!!! :iconepiclaplz::iconaawplz:
okikagu Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you and I will!
nizaychu Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
Why you draws it so cool. o_o It's so awesome. I can't help but think her lower half is a bit off though...
I like how you made it look like her necklace broke off. It's very pretty >A<
Nyanfood Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011   Digital Artist
It is off... probably because I had a hard time executing lighting on the checkered brocade inner skirt with weak and colored lightsources.
Nyanfood Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2011   Digital Artist
It probably is a bit off. I can't see it though (cause I drew it.) It's mainly the underskirt covering her thighs. There isn't a strong source of lighting so it was hard to give it the full 3-D-ness it deserved without making it a light-colored fabric... but making it a light colored fabric would diminish the brilliance of her lighting-defying skin... so.

= u= Epic phailsauze.
Teruchan Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
good works:D
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